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* Members.
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The Blakes are a wealthy family, revolving around Daphne Blake. They own many businesses, including Blake's Videorama.


Member Role Images
Great-grandpa Blake Great grandfather Great Grandpa Blake and Pierre Goulash.png
Nedley Blake Father Nedley Blake.png
Elizabeth Blake Mother Elizabeth Blake.png
Daphne Blake Daughter Daphne Blake.png
Anna Blake Cousin Anna Blake.png
Matt Blake Uncle Matt Blake.png
Sandy Blake Uncle Sandy Blake.png
Shannon Blake Cousin Shannon Blake.png
Dan Uncle Uncle Dan (Karmic Chaos).png
Murray Uncle Uncle Murray.jpg
Ted Uncle Image unavailable.jpg
Verner Uncle Uncle Verner.png
John Maxwell Uncle John Maxwell.png
Olivia Dervy Aunt Olivia Dervy.png
Esther Aunt Aunt Esther.jpg
Europa Aunt Aunt Europa.png
Helen Aunt Aunt Helen.png
Maggie Aunt Aunt Maggie.jpg
Jennifer Cousin Jennifer (The Creature Came from Chem Lab).png
Gea Aunt Gea.png
Great-Uncle Randolph Great-Uncle Great-Uncle Randolph.png
Danica LeBlake Cousin Danica LeBlake.png
Saul Slotnik Uncle Saul Slotnik.png
Johnny Zoom Cousin Johnny Zoom.png


Early history

The Blakes had Scottish ancestry.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

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