Billy-Bob Scroggins lives in a cabin near the Beauregard Mansion, who continues the feud between the Scroggins and the Beauregards.

Physical appearance

Unlike his beautiful younger sister, Billy-Bob is a rather repulsive young adult Caucasian adult male, with brown hair, a bulbous nose, non-existent chin, long arms and legs, and big feet. He wears an old and worn out beige farmer hat, a green tee shirt with sleeves ripped right below the shoulders and two buttons at the neck, purple suspenders, brick red farmer pants that end at the middle of his shins, and is barefoot like his sister. He carries an old fashioned, large barreled blunderbuss which he intends to kill Shaggy Rogers with.


He hates the Beauregard family and is hostile to Shaggy Rogers solely because he's related to them, freely using his shotgun against him.


Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers

When he learned that Shaggy was a relative of Uncle Beauregard, he made several attempts to kill him. He strongly objected to his sister Sadie-Mae's plan to marry Shaggy.