Benson Fuhrman was the head of security at Destroido Corp.

Physical appearance

Benson is a tall and well-built Caucasian male, with brown hair. He wore a security uniform, hiding his fur covered body from the bodywash.


He developed a hatred for Destroido, when one of their products grew fur on him. And vowed to expose them for the evil they do. He's also shown to be a lady's man. He has no qualms with wearing the head of a dead bear, as they're taxidermied.


Early life

Benson Hairmore transforms

Hairmore's transformation.

He was born Benson Hairmore. He purchased a bottle of Gentle Rainflower Body Wash for Men from Destroido, because he thought it would make him more attractive. However, while on a date at a restaurant, he found that it had the side effect of covering him in bear fur. He ran away as his date screamed in fear. When Destroido refused to do anything about his condition, he was determined to find evidence that their bodywash was toxic, so he got the job as head of security as Destroido, with the added layer of the Scarebear suit, which he made from taxidermied bear parts and claws he brought from a school for gifted children.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Benson Fuhrman unmasked

Benson Fuhrman unmasked.

He dressed as the Scarebear to expose Destroido for the evil company that it truly was. He also changed his last name to "Fuhrman" because he thought that "Hairmore" would give him away as the Scarebear. He found that the bodywash was originally marketed as a lawn fertilizer that was so toxic, it destroyed an entire town. He was uploading the files to his website when Mystery Inc. broke into his lab. After he was caught, he told them everything. After hearing his story, the gang felt that he was right and they were sorry they got in the way.

Post Nibiru

It can be assumed since Destroido Corp. became Creationex Corp. Benson Hairemore never ended up buying the bodywash, leaving him once again hairless around his body.



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