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Season 1 of Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! debuted on Cartoon Network from October 5, 2015 to March 21, 2016 for 20 episodes; episode 21 aired on March 23, 2016 on Boomerang, and episodes 22-26 aired on Boomerang on June 20, 2017.



Title Number Airdate Suspects Culprits Monsters
Mystery 101 1 October 5, 2015 Dean Longfellow Mitchell Simons, Joe Simons Ghost of Elias Kingston
Stuck in vending machine with Ghost of Elias Kingston
Velma's position at Elias Kingston University is resting on stopping the Ghost of Elias Kingston from scaring all the other applying students away. Meanwhile, Daphne makes hand puppets of herself and the gang, and acts each of them out.
Game of Chicken 2 October 6, 2015 Park ranger, Rick Chuck Mangum Spirit of the Zatari Warrior
Gang hide from chicken warrior
A chicken-themed warrior endangers one of Fred's old friends, forcing Fred to look for him in trap-filled Zatari Caverns. Meanwhile, Scooby gets offended by Shaggy's comment about owning him like a dog, so tests out the others being his best friend.
All Paws on Deck 3 October 7, 2015 Wendy Palloy Thorn, Dahlia Sea creatures
Sea creature cracks Mystery Machine windshield
Cousin Scott invites Fred and the gang on his cruise ship, which terrifies the water-fearing Velma. As they get out to sea, they find a fish creature hunting for sunken treasure.
Poodle Justice 4 October 8, 2015 Charlene Tandywine, Mr. Sullivan Carli Gargoyle
Gargoyle appears inside apartment bldg (Poodle Justice)
Scooby gets to meet his favourite dog actress, Lady Annabelle, but his too star struck to talk to her. To make matters worse, a gargoyle is attacking the newest set.
Grand Scam 5 October 9, 2015 Jack Turner Dustin Wallswreath Ghost of Chip Braverton
Ghost of Chip Braverton chases trio around field
An old player returns from the grave to haunt the Middleton Baseball Stadium, the favourite Minor League Baseball stadium of Shaggy, who must now act brave and actually face the monster, if he doesn't want it to be closed down.
Trading Chases 6 October 12, 2015 Professor Hess Professor Salasar Sobek
Sobek interrupts big gang and little gang
Fred lets a museum guide lead the gang, who manages to do better than Fred, while Fred tries to manage a group of little kids. Meanwhile, Daphne takes up falconry.
Be Quiet Scooby-Doo! 7 October 15, 2015 Dr. Lang Colson McCready Crystal Crawler
Gang points out the Crystal Crawler behind Velma
Velma becomes entranced by the beauty of the fragile Crystal Canopy, while is danger from the Crystal Crawler.
Party Like It's 1899 8 October 19, 2015 Colander, Randolph Wuthering Bradwick Haverall Headless Count
Gang at the 1st monster mystery party clue
The gang take part in a monster mystery party, which becomes real, but solving the mystery is difficult for Fred and Velma, who's role hinder their abilities, while it seems to do the opposite for Daphne, Shaggy, and Scooby.
Screama Donna 9 October 20, 2015 Gus, Bond Kuro, Bones Malone Jasper Crawl Ghost of the Prima Donna
Gang meet the Prima Donna
The Gang have to pretend to be a rock band to investigate a ghostly performer haunting her former venue. Velma wants it solved fast, so she doesn't have to sing.
Kitchen Frightmare 10 October 15, 2015 Line cook Jeff Howard Yeti
Yeti chases gang out of kitchen
Shaggy & Scooby-Doo help out their favorite chef, whose new restaurant is troubled by the odd appearance of the Yeti.
Me, Myself, and A.I. 11 October 22, 2015 Techy Mallory O'Neill Butler 3000
Gang meets evil Butler 3000
Mannputer Tech is light years ahead of its competitors, but a new robot takes over the building and turns it against everybody, making the gang have to rely less on technology and more on themselves.
Area 51 Adjacent 12 October 23, 2015 Colonel Peterson General Stall Alien
Gang detained in Area 53
Daphne's dream of meeting alien life might not be what she expected when she gets caught in a vicious game of cat and mouse with one at Area 53, two levels higher than Area 51.
Where There's a Will, There's a Wraith 13 October 28, 2015 Casper Cosgoode, Kenneth Lutz Ruby and Trudy Lutz Phantoms
1st time gang jumps on Velma in Lutz Manor
Scooby is in a chance of getting an inheritance from the Colonel Jerky King. But, he has to spend the night in a creepy mansion with the rich man's strange relatives and a spooky phantom.
Scary Christmas 14 October 10, 2015 Dr. Mezmit, Mayor Riker David, Alistair Leventhal Pterodactyl
Pterodactyl carries Mystery Machine (Scary Christmas)
Daphne just wants to be able to celebrate her birthday, which is right on Christmas Eve, while Fred is determined to solve a Christmas mystery. Unfortunately, all he can get is one with a Pterodactyl, which has nothing to do with Christmas.
If You Can't Scooby-Doo the Time, Don't Scooby-Doo the Crime 15 February 6, 2016 Ravi Stealin' Stan Ghost of Stealin' Stan
Scoob and Shag find the Ghost of Stealin' Stan
Fred is set on visiting the Vault, a high security prison, which is hampered by mistrust of a sandwich thief and maybe more importantly the ghost of an escaped inmate.
Gremlin on a Plane 16 February 13, 2016 Captain Anderson Ed Johnson Gremlin
Shag and Scoob meet gremlin outside
A gremlin sneaks aboard the maiden voyage of Air Gigantica, which reveals Daphne reveals she has a great knowledge about, when the gang are invited for a ride.
Sorcerer Snacks Scare 17 February 20, 2016 Beverly, Milton Piero Sorcerer
Spider web saves Shag and Scoob from Sorcerer
The gang goes to a snacks factory, where the mascot sorcerer is scaring everyone away.
Saga of the Swamp Beast 18 February 27, 2016 Hermit Hank Dwayne Swamp monster
In bayou with swamp monster (BCSD)
The gang visits a bayou in New Orleans, where a swamp monster is frightening away anyone who comes into his swamp.
Be Cold, Scooby-Doo! 19 March 5, 2016 Duncan O'Dell, Kenneth Mason Heidi Ho Swift Snow monster
Escape over gauge (Be Cold)
The gang goes to a ski resort where Shaggy is having his first experience with snow, but there is also a snow monster terrorizing the tourists.
Giant Problems 20 March 12, 2016 Young Aengus Colin McQuaid Giant
Huge McFinn's footprint
Daphne reveals an ancient Blake family castle in Ireland, which is being further damaged by an angry, rampaging giant. This brings out the knight in Fred, and the Irish in Daphne.
Eating Crow 21 March 23, 2016 Land surveyor Jonathan, Old Tom Scarecrow
Shag and Scoob meet scarecrow (Eating Crow)
Fred helps an attractive farmer he wants to impress, when a terrifying scarecrow comes to life and tries to ruin her family's business.
I Scooby Dooby Do 22 June 20, 2017 Nate's mother, Kimmy's mother Nate's mother, Kimmy's mother Ghost of the Cliff Bride
Cliff Bride strikes again
The gang attend a wedding of their two close friends, but a vengeful ghost bride threatens to ruin everything.
El Bandito 23 June 20, 2017 Mayor Rogers, Mort Gustavo Spirit of El Bandito
El Bandito above Fred
During the Day of the Dead festivities, Fred wants to make himself a legend like El Bandito, who has come back to protect his treasure.
Into the Mouth of Madcap 24 June 20, 2017 Lars Harmon, Clara Belle Oopsy Madcap the Killer Clown
Madcap on roller coaster
Daphne agrees to babysit her friend's son, which puts a cramp in Fred's plan of them solving a mystery at an amusement park.
The Norse Case Scenario 25 June 20, 2017 Archaeologists Ranger Mark, Donald, Edith Viking ghosts
Viking ghosts corner gang (BCSD)
The gang goes on a camping trip to hone their mystery skills, but viking ghosts attack and attempt to drive them away.
The People vs. Fred Jones 26 June 20, 2017 Gus Dayton Knight Toxic Mutant
Daph questions Velma on the stand
Fred has to go to court after being accused of being the evil mastermind behind a recent mystery.


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