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The bank robber was an escaped convict, using the Creepy Heap from the Deep disguise to evade the authorities.

Physical appearance

The bank robber is a Caucasian male with short black hair. Part of the light brown shirt he was wearing could be seen when he was unmasked.


He didn't have much characterization beyond a determination not to go back to prison; he was silent when caught.


Early life

He was a notorious bank robber who was eventually caught and sent to prison. When he broke out of prison, he got involved with Captain Clements, who was helping escaped convicts evade the police by giving them makeovers and phony papers so they could get out of the country. He disguised himself as a sea creature known as the Creepy Heap from the Deep to scare people away from the operation.

Bank robber unmasked (Creepy Heap)

Bank robber unmasked.

The Scooby-Doo Show

Season two

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