"Avalanche" Anderson is a famous movie star, starring in many snowboarding films.

Physical appearance

Avalanche is a Caucasian male with a big chin. He has gray hair with side burns. He wears a black shirt and blue pants. He also wears a red and blue coat over his shirt.


He was sneaky, shrewd and didn't seem to be very humble.


Early life

Fred Jones had been watching his movies since he was a kid; one of them may have been called White Out. He entered Bruce Wilkinson's contest in order to regain his fame. When he discovered that Chris Klug was in the contest as well, he decided to take action.

What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season one

Avalanche unmasked.

He walked in on Chris Klug and the gang as Chris was describing the Snow Creature that attacked him. He appeared to show concern for Chris, saying that he believed that he wouldn't quit on purpose.

After the monster appeared before the gang a second time near Theodore's shed, he was found injured lying in the snow. He was brought back to the lodge to get treated for his presumed injuries. He seemed relieved to be out of the contest. Later, he passed through the kitchen with Bruce and Chris on crutches.

Soon after the gang defeated the Snow Creature, Avalanche (as the "mystery sneak") attempted to escape. He was caught when an avalanche caused by Velma's sneeze dragged him down a slope. He was unmasked by Fred.

Velma knew that Avalanche was the culprit due to his experience with Hollywood. That gave him access to the special effects department. He built the Snow Creature out of a see-through lucite and controlled him using virtual reality equipment. To enhance the signal between himself and the creature, he used a powerful remote control amplifier at the top of an abandoned ski jump, which caused multiple cases of cell phone interference. With his supposed injury, he was to make a miraculous recovery. When Chris questioned his motives, Avalanche stated that Chris was in the way of his return to fame.


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Tommy Karlsen Norwegian
Adam Bauman Polish
Lawrence Mackrory Swedish