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Meg is a farmer, who lives in Banning Junction, with her husband, Evan, and daughter, Marcy. She is also the aunt of Velma Dinkley.

Physical appearance

Meg is a middle-aged Caucasian female, with brown hair. She wears a pale blue shirt, and a purple vest with: pumpkins, bats, and moons on it. She also wears orange earrings, glasses, orange-brown pants, and black shoes.


She seems to be afraid of outsiders, as she was part of a superstitious mob, despite claiming she doesn't believe in the story of Hank Banning. She was embarrassed and sincerely apologetic for seemingly attempting to lynch Velma and her friends. She and her husband had made their daughter feel like Halloween was more of a priority than her own birthday, which was on Halloween. This made her feel overwhelmed by a strong sense of guilt.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

As the gang drive into Banning Junction at night, they were accosted by a mob of pitchforking farmers, but immediately Meg stepped out from the crowd once she noticed Velma, sincerely apologetic about the mistake. She and Evan invited the gang back to their house and gave them milk and cookies.



  • It isn't made clear whether she's Velma's maternal or paternal aunt.
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