The Audiovisual Squad is a club at Hartford High School. After getting tired from all the bullying they got from the cheerleaders and jocks, they created a holographic projection of a giant hamster monster to disrupt the school's basketball games.


  • Dewey
  • Unnamed blond-haired boy
  • Unnamed red-haired girl


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? (DC Comics)

Hamster monster projector revealed

Velma reveals the culprits' hidden projector.

They attended the match between the Hartford High School Hamsters and the West Side Wombats, which they had to record for their school's website, during which the first monster hamster attack occured. The next morning, they were questioned by Velma Dinkley, with the red-haired girl acting ignorant, claiming it to be a class 4 ectoplasmic manifestation. When the second attack had occured, chaos ensued for everyone, with Dewey saving one of the cheerleaders. The gang found a hidden Wi-Fi projector, hooked up to the red-haired girl's smartphone. The Audiovisual Squad confessed to what they did, but were forgiven as the cheerleaders felt they were to blame. As a result of this and for Dewey saving one of them, all the cliques disappeared, allowing all of the students to get along in peace.


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