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* Physical appearance.
* Personality.

The Ancient One is an old wizard that wants to protect the simple way of life of the "village" of Tokyo.

Physical appearance

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Powers and abilities

He can levitate, appear in a puff of smoke, make smoke figures appear, and cast curses.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

Dr. Akira Onodera was working at a computer screen when the Ancient One arrived in a cloud of smoke. The Ancient One told Onodera not to build a new wharf for his factory in Tokyo because it was a threat to their simple way of life. He showed him that the city has its own form of protection (puffs of smoke formed a red pterodactyl, a blue octopus, and a yellow dragon). Onodera thought it was just an old legend. The Ancient One predicted a giant monster would crush the factory (puffs of smoke formed a giant green Godzilla-like creature).

Later, at a ceremony honoring Velma Dinkley's Dogbot invention, the Ancient One appeared again. He tried to curse Dr. Onodera to become a giant monster in his sleep, sending a puff of smoke toward him. Dogbot used a pizza to block it and the curse landed on it. Shaggy Rogers ate the pizza, and it seemed he turned into a giant creature in his sleep, but it later turned out that Professor Pomfrit created the 30 Foot Shaggy himself. Onodera thought that the Ancient One might be a spirit. Just in case, Onodera decided to move his factory to another location in Japan.[1]




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