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Amy the Siren was the disguise of Amy Cavenaugh. She tipped off Velma Dinkley about the missing sardine boat and met Velma in the guise of a singing mermaid, in order to get Mystery Inc. to investigate the disappearance of her husband, Dr. Spike Cavenaugh.

Physical appearance

She is a siren/mermaid hybrid; she looks more amphibious than human.


She used what she had learnt about Velma and tried to befriend her and get her help.

Powers and abilities

She has a haunting singing voice. Her swimming ability is excellent, so that she can leap great distances out of the water.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Amy Cavenaugh

Amy Cavenaugh.

Velma found Amy at sea and that she needed help from a gang of Fish Freaks. After the Fish Freaks were jailed, it turned out that Amy was the wife of Spike Cavenaugh.



Amy the Siren: ♪My song fills your heart. From the depths of the sea. Please listen and learn. All you can learn from me.♪

In other languages

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Irene Di Valmo Italian
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