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* Physical appearance.

Amos Crunch was the manager of the 3 Stooges Ghost Town. When he found a uranium mine underneath the park, he secretly tried selling it over the border.

Physical appearance

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On the surface, Crunch appeared to be stern and dedicated to looking after the theme park, evident when he trained his rifle on the gang and declared that they were trespassing, only to later relent when he saw that Tyrone was causing trouble and was helpful in destroying the tape recording. However, it was all a facade that covers his greedy and selfish personality that is willing to defraud the Three Stooges from potential business opportunities in running the theme park successfully.


Early life

At some point, Crunch and his partner discovered uranium in the mine cart ride of the ghost town theme park.

The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

Amos Crunch and Rhino jailed

Crunch (left) and Rhino jailed.

Crunch was first seen when the gang and the Three Stooges were checking on Tyrone, who was roaring uncontrollably. He trained his rifle on the gang, mistaking them for trespassers, only to lay down his weapon after learning that the gang were helping his employer in getting to the bottom of the strange going-ons. He later helped destroy the tape recording of Tyrone's roar. However, he was acting rather suspicious once they returned to the ghost town, and he had Velma sent down through a trap door when she began to follow him. It was thought that Crunch and Rhino were in their office playing cards while the gang and the Three Stooges search for Velma, though it was revealed that he and Rhino weren't anywhere near their office when Shaggy and Scooby went to them for help. Crunch was later seen, in his Gunslinger disguise, with Rhino in their hideout, where they learned about the gang and the Three Stooges' rescue. Realizing that the game is up, the duo plotted their getaway, only to be captured by Tyrone, who was piloted by Shaggy and Scooby. He was last seen in the town jail with Rhino, cursing the gang for ruining their scheme.


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