Amahl Ali Akbar, nicknamed Triple A by the gang, is an Egyptian nomad. He keeps a pet hawk named Horus.

Physical appearance

Triple A is a dark-skinned male, who appears to be in his forties, and has black hair and a beard. He wears a black Egyptian robe with a turban.


He appears to be a wise man who understands his home country well. He was able to direct the gang to the Nile River and also reveal to them the location of the Sphinx after arriving. Being a nomad, he is rarely seen without his camels, and he cares for all of them well.

He takes kindly to Fred's nickname "Triple A," as his name is hard for Americans to pronounce.

Skills and abilities

He also has knowledge in herbal medicine as he knows how to use herbs to wake Fred Jones and Daphne Blake after they were attacked by a kind of sleeping gas.


Scooby-Doo! in Where's My Mummy?

He came across the Mystery Machine after having broken down on the way to the Sphinx. He offered the gang (minus Velma Dinkley) to join his caravan to bring them to the Nile in order to find water for their van. Upon reaching the Nile River, he and the gang discovered that the entire river was dried up and he quickly left, stating he needed to find water for his camels. But not before he directed the gang to the Sphinx, which was over a hill.

He reappeared when Fred and Daphne needed rescuing; after they were attacked by three thiefs, who stole the Ankh necklace, by bringing them up to the Great Pyramid of Khufu. He later assisted them in locating Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo, after Horus found Scooby's collar.

Fred and Daphne arrived with Amahl at the Lost City, where they found Shaggy and Scooby. While there, Amahl revealed that Hotep was really a brilliant civil engineer named Armin Granger, who was illegally damming the Nile River.

Amahl helped Fred with his trap and apprehended Amelia von Butch and her minions outside the Sphinx.

He was also present at the reopening of the Sphinx after restoration works was completed.



  • The initials "AAA" also stand for "American Automobile Association," which offers roadside assistance to its members. This is appropriate since the gang was having car trouble when they met him.
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