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The alien was the separate disguise of Pueblo Biff Twobirds and Flo Grange, with Melvin Snug playing along to attract more tourists to Roswell.

It used a shuttle craft which was actually held up by a transparent balloon and moved using a clear propeller.

Physical appearance

It looked like a typical green-skinned, big-headed alien. It wears a blue suit.


They were violent and antisocial.

Powers and abilities

  • Teleportation: It was sighted in two places at close to the same time (because there were two people playing the role).
  • Shape-shifting: It could morph into human form. But was to cover a mistake, when Pueblo Biff was seen in costume without his mask.


  • Stun ray: One of the aliens pretended to paralyze Melvin Snug.


Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

Flo Grange unmasked

The aliens unmasked.

They dressed up as the aliens to attract more tourists.


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