The alien was the disguise of Shannon Lucas.

Physical appearance

The alien was really a robotic suit, built to resemble a large, black reptilian creature with glowing red eyes, long arms, and spines running down its back and tail. It had razor sharp teeth and claws that could tear through metal.


The alien behaved much like a typical predatory animal, but occasionally demonstrated superior intelligence.

Powers and abilities

It could fire a super sonic scream (which was done by adjusting the frequency of a microwave transmitter) and could leap incredible distances. Its claws are strong enough to rip through through metal and it possessed a great deal of physical strength. It could also crawl on walls and on the sides of buildings.


Scooby-Doo! Moon Monster Madness

Shannon Lucas unmasked

Shannon Lucas unmasked.

The alien first emerged on the wing of the Sly Star One before severely damaging the ship and forcing it to land on the moon. Once there, it frequently attacked Shaggy Rogers and Scooby-Doo, while secretly placing thermal charges on Sly Moon Prime. It was eventually captured after being frozen in liquid nitrogen, and revealed to be a giant robot controlled by Shannon Lucas.

She was angry because she had to work and train hard for the chance to go into space, but Sly Baron was now making it possible for anyone to go into space. She used the robotic suit to stage an accident that would convince the rest of the world that only trained professionals like her should go into space.



  • The alien is a spoof of the Xenomorph from the film, Alien.
  • The "gauntlet" on the alien's wrist resembles that of the Predator's.
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