Alice May was an agent of Mr. E, being ordered to take on the disguises of the Ghost Girl and later the Obliteratrix, when dealing with Mystery Incorporated. "Alice May" is likely just an alias, with her true name and backstory remaining a mystery.

Physical appearance

Alice is a teenage girl with light blonde hair and violet eyes. At night, her hair looks white. When not in disguise, she wears a striped black-and-green tank top, a red skirt, black boots, and a black headband. In prison, she wore an orange jumpsuit.


While mostly a mystery, Alice is generally manipulative with boys she's supposed to like, such as her prom date Randy, and Fred Jones, which she hides behind a sweet and caring facade. She was shown to be cunning and very good at hiding, even telling Freddy that she prefers to walk, so she can work on her plans secretly without his notice.


Early life

Alice's "childhood" in her fabricated story.

She claimed that her vendetta against Mystery Incorporated began as a young girl, when she watched her "father" get taken away by the police after the gang unmasked him as the Creeper. From that moment on, she vowed revenge. After revealing her explanation to be a cover, it became clear that her entire story was fabricated by Mr. E and her real history remained unknown.[1]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Alice unmasked.

After Randy got in Alice May's car to go to prom, she told him how happy she was and that he would be her's forever. She took her face off like a mask, revealing a hideous legend known as the Ghost Girl. Some time later at Crystal Cove High School, Fred stopped to help Alice, who had just transferred into the district. She immediately became flirtatious with him, much to Daphne's dismay. Late that night, Daphne found Alice in the school and began to suspect that she was up to no good, or was even the Ghost Girl that Sheriff Bronson Stone and Mayor Jones had warned students about. Though Fred had intended on taking Alice to Prom, Daphne stopped him after discovering that the address Alice gave the school was really for the cemetery. The Ghost Girl attacked the prom and was trapped by the gang, who revealed her to be Alice. She told them that she was seeking revenge on them for sending her father, Deacon Carlswell, to jail for being the Creeper. Alice was arrested by Sheriff Stone, but was quickly bailed out of jail by Mr. E's henchman, Ed Machine. After noting that it would take the gang and law enforcement several days to discover that Deacon Carlswell had no daughter, she confirmed that she had completed her job: stealing a high school yearbook and placing it where the gang would find it. When she asked why they used such an elaborate scheme, Machine refused to answer her directly and only explained that Mr. E wished for Mystery Incorporated to investigate the long-forgotten mystery of four teenagers from Crystal Cove High who disappeared many years before. She was then driven away from Crystal Cove.

Alice unmasked again.

Alice worked for Mr. E again as the Obliteratrix in a scheme to draw out Professor Pericles. Though the gang were no match for her, Angel Dynamite assisted them in trapping Alice and she finally revealed that she was working for Mr. E. She was arrested by Sheriff Stone, who did not even realize that she was not still incarcerated.[2]

Season two

Startled by the Krampus's crash.

Alice was serving her sentence in the local prison, where she spent time in the prison's cafeteria. She was drinking peacefully at the same table as Grandma Moonbeam, apparently unaware of Scooby-Doo & Shaggy's presence in the cafeteria. She and the other inmates were attacked by Krampus, who stormed through the wall.[3]

Alice was one of Crystal Cove citizens and inmates kidnapped by Professor Pericles and forced into manual labor beneath Crystal Cove under the supervision of the Kriegstaffebots. She took part in the uprising against the Krigstaffebots that the gang started and escaped with the other victims.[4]


When the Evil Entity was destroyed, it altered reality for all of Crystal Cove; thus not causing any of the harm she did as the Ghost Girl or Obliteratrix. Nothing of her life is shown at all in this new timeline, keeping any mystery around her character.[5]



Alice: What's silly about being scared?
The Legend of Alice May

Alice: I got out of jail by the same person who hired me to destroy you: Mr. E!
Pawn of Shadows


  • While it may be assumed that "Alice May" is actually an alias, this is never explicitly stated. The only elements of her identity that are known to be fabricated are her reasons for being at Crystal Cove High School and story about being Deacon Carlswell's daughter.
  • Alice and Mr. E's henchman thought it would only take a day or two for the gang to figure out that her story of being the daughter of Deacon Carlswell was a lie. However, when she appeared as the Obliteratrix, it is clear that both the gang and Sheriff Stone - who didn't even realize she wasn't in jail - completely failed to do the research and uncover this basic fact about her; they still were gullible enough to think her cover story was true.
  • Alice shares traits and resemblance to that of Spider-Man character Gwen Stacy, including light blonde hair, black headband, green-and-black striped shirt and having female names for both first and last name; both Alice and Gwen also disputed with redheads (Daphne and Mary-Jane Watson respectively) for the love of the male lead (Fred and Peter Parker).
  • Alice is the only character known whose hair color changes, depending on the lighting.
  • She is also one of only a small handful of characters in the entire Scooby-Doo universe to be unmasked more than once by the gang.
  • According to Fred, Alice's hair smells like peaches.

In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Eleonora Reti Italian
Érika Menezes Brazilian Portuguese


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