The Alianza Misterio ("Mystery Alliance" in Spanish) was a group of four Mexicans wearing red Zorrostyled-masks and their mascot, a skunk named El Fuchi.


  • Zorro-masked man #1: Leader, strong chin. The Fred Jones, Jr. equivalent.
  • Zorro-masked woman #1: Young attractive blonde woman without any hat. The Daphne Blake equivalent.
  • Zorro-masked man #2: Tall, with goatee, ponytail and wearing a traditional Mexican sombrero. The Shaggy Rogers equivalent
  • Zorro-masked woman #2: Short, smart-looking. The Velma Dinkley equivalent.
  • El Fuchi: Skunk mascot. The Scooby-Doo equivalent.


Early life

Alianza Misterio originated in Spanish Crystal Cove and was corrupted by the cursed treasure. It was among one of the gangs that had been manipulated by the Evil Entity to set him free from the crystal sarcophagus.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Their portrait was on display at the Burlington Library, along with the other gangs.[1]

Shaggy and Scooby were chased by the Monstrous Freak into a frozen version of Spanish Crystal Cove. They saw the Alianza's skunk, El Fuchi, kicking some dirt into a Mayan mortar bowl. They took this as an opportunity to eat the food there, until the Monstrous Freak reappeared and chased him back out.[2]

The Anunnaki that possessed Nova flashed back to all the gangs the Evil Entity has controlled, including Alianza Misterio. [3]



  • Ironically, due to how sentences are structured in the Spanish language, their name is grammatically incorrect. To be grammatically correct, their name would have to be "Alianza de Misterio" (Alliance of Mystery) or "Alianza Misteriosa" (Mysterious Alliance).


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