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Alejo Otero is the manager of the Villa Bella Hotel in Veracruz, Mexico.

Physical appearance

Alejo is a tall Hispanic male and has a sturdy build. He has black hair and a black moustache. He wears a teal collared shirt with a olive green stripe in the center and on the collar, white slacks and brown strap sandals. He also wears a gold wristwatch on his left wrist. He used to have sunglasses on top of his head.


He loves his son, Jorge, his wife Sofia, his mother Doña Dolores, and shares a deep bond with his older brother, Luis and comforts him when Luis was scared. He also respect his father's wishes by refusing to sell the hotel. He remembers the gang's name, but he was confused about Shaggy eating so much and not gaining any weight. He corrects Fred's Spanish to English. He also laughs at Fred for his Spanish speaking and when Fred thought the other kids were Alejo's children. He smiles when Shaggy Rogers said he "made a career out of [getting scared]" after Luis admitted that he was scared.


Scooby-Doo! and the Monster of Mexico

He invited his pen-pal, Fred Jones, and the gang, to visit him. While they were there, they discovered that he and his family were being terrorized by El Chupacabra.


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Krzysztof Banaszyk Polish
Dick Eriksson Swedish
Júlio Chaves Brazilian Portuguese