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Abigail Gluck was a member of the Benevolent Lodge of Mystery in the 1800's. Her intellect made her the Velma Dinkley of her group.

Physical appearance

Abigail was an adult Caucasian female. She wore a pink and white dress, along with steam-punk style goggles. In her earlier life, she is shown as having brown hair and freckles, and wearing 1880's style garments or "steampunk" stylized versions thereof, including heavy gloves. In later life, her hair turned white, and freckles faded.

Skills and abilities

Skilled in robotics and underwater architecture. She could ride a motorcycle.[1]


Early life

Young Abigail Gluck

Young Abigail.

She traveled around the world, solving mysteries of that era's mystery solving group: the Benevolent Lodge of Mystery, until the death of their mascot, Mr. Peaches, led to their leader and Mr. Peaches's owner and best friend, Oswald P. Burlington, to disband the group.[2]

She became an associate of Professor Pericles in Bavaria in the 1930's. She lived her last years in the sunken ruins of old Crystal Cove with an army of robots, attempting to locate a piece of the Planispheric Disk.[1]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Abigail Gluck's corpse

Abigail's corpse.

Her portrait was included in the painting of the Benevolent Lodge of Mystery at the Burlington Library.[2]

The gang discovered her mummified corpse in her underwater robot factory, and could hear the word "Nibiru" being whispered by the corpse. Professor Pericles projected a giant hologram of her head to frighten them.[1]

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  • She must have been at least in her sixties when she knew Pericles, since she was a young woman in the 1880's and met him in the 1930's. At that time she was very well-preserved, only showing her age by her gray hair.
  • Her robotic Kriegstaffebots design are strongly influenced by Nazi themes, which coincides with her time with Pericles in Germany in the thirties during the German military buildup. It is not clear if this is a product of political leanings or conscript work.
    • Kriegstaffebot roughly translates to "Wartime Robot."



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