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Abdullah is Prince Abin's uncle.

Physical appearance

Abdullah is an overweight man with a thin, black goatee and black hair.


Initially, Abdullah appeared to be genuinely concerned about the safety of his nephew, considering the strange going-ons at the palace. In reality, all of that was a façade that hides his power-hungry nature with a desire to have the throne to himself at any cost, even when it puts the lives of his nephew and the gang in danger.

His belief that a sultan should rule by force can also suggest a cruel personality, which itself is evident by the way he put the lives of his nephew and the gang in danger by unleashing Jadal and having him terrorize them in his plot to take over the throne.


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Season two

He released Jadal from the bottle he was imprisoned in to scare Abin away from the palace so he could take over. He felt that he deserved to rule it and believed Abin's father was a fool since he believed in ruling by love, while he would've ruled by force.