Abby Holland is the wife of Swamp Thing, formerly Alec Holland.

Physical appearance

Abby is an attractive, young adult Caucasian female, with a slim figure. She has a unique hair color, as her long hair is mostly white, with the exception of two black streaks in her bangs. She wears a red t-shirt and blue jean shorts.


She is friendly and hospitable, but it's unclear whether she meant in the swamp itself or an actual house.


Scooby-Doo! Team-Up

When the Voodoo Queen was taken away, Abby turned up and was a little disappointed that Swamp Thing hadn't told her they were having guests. Shaggy Rogers thought she was talking to his Uncle Chester at first, but when he found out she was talking to Swamp Thing, he got sick.



  • It's unknown if Abby married Alec or Swamp Thing, but may have taken the former's last name in respect if she did marry Swamp Thing. She's actually only referred to as Abby, while in the DC Universe she's been both Abigail Arcane (her maiden name) and Abigail Holland.
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