A Scooby-Doo Halloween is the sixth episode of the second season of What's New, Scooby-Doo?, and the twentieth overall.


The gang goes to Banning Junction to visit Velma's family for Halloween, but they meet the ghostly scarecrows who try to ruin the festivities. Hopefully they can save the town before the ghost of Hank Banning shows up.


Shaggy and Scooby are running away from the Swamp Creature when Shaggy tells Scooby to head for the speedboat. they make it past the trap, where Fred, Velma, and Daphne catch the Swamp Creature. Shaggy and Scooby hurry Fred, Daphne, and Velma into the Mystery Machine, telling the officer that it was nice meeting him, and they'll do lunch. While driving off, Daphne tells Shaggy and Scooby that they weren't done with their wrap up, and Shaggy tells her that if they don't hurry, they'll never make it to Velma's aunt Meg and uncle Evan's house in time for Halloween.

Fred comments that it's cool to be in the backseat, and Velma tells Shaggy that Halloween isn't until tomorrow night. Shaggy replies her that her aunt and uncle live in Banning Junction, and that it's the place to spend the holiday. Shaggy also says that they have to be there early, so they can beat the crowd. Fred tells Shaggy that he's riding the clutch a bit hard, while Shaggy dreams about candy, rocking out with KISS, and more candy. Fred advises Shaggy that he might want to just put it in third, and that it's a delicate piece of machinery, while Shaggy says that KISS will be playing at the masquerade ball tomorrow night, and he will ask Paul Stanley to sign his forehead.

Fred berates Shaggy, saying that he's killing the Mystery Machine. He and Scooby get out of the front seat and return to the back, while Fred resumes his usual position in the driver's seat. As they driving off, Fred tells the Mystery Machine that she's a good girl. Daphne tells Velma that it was spooky out there, and Shaggy tells Daphne that it's great. Velma asked Shaggy that he thinks it's great, and Shaggy tells her that it's not regular scary, it's Halloween scary, and he bets that they been working on those creepy fields for weeks. Shaggy and Scooby synchronized their watches, and Shaggy said that the official countdown to Halloween begins, and they have 23 hours and 57 minutes till Halloween night. Velma said that she looks forward to spend time with Aunt Meg and Uncle Evan. Velma also said that they're excited they are coming, and they can't wait to see them, but suddenly, Curtis told the gang to freeze, and he called them trespassing cowards. When Meg and Evan realize that it was Velma and the gang, they basically said false alarm. Velma asked them what's going on, and her aunt said that somebody has been slashing and burning the cornfields at night, and the police had no clue who's doing it or why.

Curtis said that it's some dumb teenagers who think it's funny to mess with their livelihoods, and Shaggy agrees with him. When the gang gets inside their house, Evan told Velma that she remembers Marcy, and Velma said that it's been so long, and that she hadn't changed at all. Marcy agrees with her, and she said to Velma that is she wearing the exact same outfit. Aunt Meg tells the gang that they picked a great year to be here, and that Banning Junction is celebrating 100 years of Halloween anniversary. Uncle Evan also tells the gang that legend has it, Hank Banning is due to show up. He also told them that Hank ran the town as mayor for over 30 years, until hits wits got the better of him. Meg tells the gang that he was paranoid, and was unfit to serve in office, so the townspeople voted him out. Uncle Evan also tells the gang that before Hank died on Halloween night, he put a curse on the town, and that his spirit would return after 100 years to seek revenge on the town that wronged him.

Aunt Meg tells them that most people don't believe that, but they have a record turnout that year, and folks want to say that they were there the legend was supposed to come true. Shaggy agrees, and said that they also want to see KISS play the masquerade ball. Daphne gasps, and thinks that there's something out there in the window, and Marcy tells her that it was probably her own reflection. Aunt Meg tells the gang that there's another reason why this year was special, and that Marcy has been crowned this year's corn princess, and that she'll be queen of the masquerade ball. Fred thinks that it's neat, and Marcy tells him how retro he is. Uncle Evan tells everyone that they should turn in, and they have a big day tomorrow. Marcy tells Aunt Meg and Uncle Evan that she'll show the gang to their rooms, and that she needs her sleep. Suddenly, a black cat appears on the window, and Scooby growled at it, but after the cat hisses at Scooby, its eyes changed to red, scaring Scooby. On that night, something is slashing and burning in the cornfields, scaring two civilians away.

The next morning at the festival, Scooby is carving a pumpkin with Shaggy's face on it, but as soon as he turned around, he sees Shaggy wearing a mask, and he said that he got it at Ye Old Costume Shoppe. He also said that he can't wait to go trick-or-treating, and he tells Scooby to think about the candy they'll get in eight hours, forty-seven minutes. Aunt Meg tells Daphne that she just loves Halloween, and she remembers their first like it was yesterday. She also tells Daphne that she and Uncle Evan didn't had, so their Jack o' Lantern was used. After Daphne angrily watches Marcy teach Fred how to dip an apple in caramel, the balloon pops, and caramel spilled onto Marcy's shirt. Velma tells Uncle Evan that this was incredible, and she can't believe how crowded Banning Junction is. Then, Mayor Green appears, and he said that the legend has made this the best turnout in years, and Eldon Reed said that it's too bad it can't happen every year. Uncle Evan introduces Velma, and tells them that her and her friends are spending the holidays with them. Then, Curtis told everyone to come quick, and that it happened again. Aunt Meg asked everyone who would do something like this, and Fred said that this was strange, and the only tracks made there were the ones they made. Velma said that this was impossible, and that everything leaves tracks in cornfields, even animals, and Daphne said that it was like something just dropping down from the sky.

Shaggy tells Scooby that it is kind of freaky out there, and Scooby agrees. Then, the black cat takes the candy apple, and Shaggy and Scooby tried to catch it up top of the water tower, where they see patterns representing symbols of Halloween. Fred picks up a glove, and said, "What's a glove doing up here?" He also said that this water tower hasn't been used for years, and Shaggy tells Fred to forgot the glove, and asked him what made these patterns. Then, Agnes appears, and tells them that Hank Banning made these patterns, and that he made a prophecy that there would be signs in the fields foretelling his return. Uncle Evan tells her that that's ridiculous, and that it's just an old legend. Mayor Green also tells her that it's just an old wives' tale to scare the little kids. Agnes tells him that he didn't call it an old wives' tale when he was encouraging tourists to spend their money to come here, and that the only ones who will survive are those that have prepared. She also tells them to lock themselves in their basements with canned goods, and water, and that it is their only hope. Aunt Meg tells her that she's just trying to scare everyone, and Shaggy said that it is working, and that it went from good Halloween scary to bad old regular scary. Agnes tells them to heed the warnings in the fields, and that the end is near, and that tonight, Hank Banning will rise from the dead to seek his revenge.

Shaggy tells the gang that do they think the legend is true, and that Hank Banning is coming for revenge, and Velma tells him to relax, and that there's no such thing as ghosts. Fred bets that someone is behind all this, but who? Daphne suspects Marcy, and Fred tells her why she suspected Marcy, and that she's innocent, and Velma also tells her that Marcy's her cousin, and Daphne tells them to call it her women's intuition. Fred tells the gang that they should split up and look for clues, and that he, Daphne, and Velma will head to the library to do research on the town's history, while Shaggy and Scooby head to Agnes' home to see if they can find out anything more about the Hank Banning ghost story. Shaggy tells them why can't he and Scooby go to the library and Fred, Daphne, and Velma interview Agnes. Velma tells Shaggy that they need to pull every book, magazine, and almanac off the region. Then, they would also need to cross-reference it with the turn-of-the-century folklore, which they could find in the microfiche archives. When they noticed Shaggy and Scooby are gone, Fred tells Velma that she lost them at book.

When Shaggy and Scooby arrive at Agnes' home, they knocked on her door, and asked is anyone home. Then, the door opens, and Shaggy and Scooby looked terrified. Shaggy tells Scooby to look around, and maybe they could find some clues. While searching, Scooby noticed Mr. Noodles' cat bowl, and eats the food that was on it. Shaggy tells Scooby to check something out, and they found some gardening tools, and Shaggy also tells Scooby that maybe Agnes is the one behind all this, and that she's taking it upon herself to make sure Hank Banning's prophecy comes true, and that she's nuttier than a fruitcake. Shaggy tells Scooby that she's right behind him, and Agnes tells them didn't their mamas teach them to knock before entering. When the cat realizes the food from the bowl is gone, it reowrs at them, and Shaggy tells Agnes that this isn't the bakery, and he tells Scooby to get out of there.

While at the library, Velma tells Fred and Daphne that apparently there was a food processing plant just outside of town, and she seems that they've been steadily buying up properties over the years. Daphne tells Velma that the cornfields where the patterns appeared were the last independently owned fields in the area, and Fred tells the girls that Eldon Reed owns the processing plant. Then, Marcy appears, and tells them what are they doing there, and Fred tells her that they're doing research, and Marcy tells him that she's studying, and that they're making her take electrical engineering in school. Marcy also tells them that she was just on her way home for tonight's masquerade ball, and Fred tells him that that's right, and that she's the corn princess, and that she must be excited. Marcy tells him that she guess it's one way to spend her birthday, and Velma tells him that she didn't know it was her birthday, and Marcy tells her that she's 18, and that she's able to legally vote. Daphne asked Marcy where was she this morning before she met them in the Town Square. Marcy tells her that she was at the mall, and that she works part-time at Khaki Corner, and Daphne asked anyone can they confirm it. Marcy also tells her that the security guard, her assistant manager, and the guy that works at Pretzel Nation confirms that she was there, and she also said that there was an in-store camera that has her on tape, and Daphne asked her does she have access to the alleged tape. When they watch the tape, Daphne said that they can't even see her face, and that could be anyone.

While in the cornfields, Shaggy said that they're missing Halloween, and Velma tells him to relax, and that they could still have fun out there. Velma also tells Shaggy that she wants to tell a ghost story, but the others said no. While investigating the cornfields, Shaggy asked them what is rustling, and they not only found a scarecrow, but they also found Scooby pretending to be a ghost, and Velma tells Scooby that he scared him to death. Then, the scarecrow comes alive, and Daphne told Scooby that they get the joke, but it wasn't Scooby. Then, more scarecrows come alive, and Fred told them to run. While they're running, Fred told the gang to head for the old barn, and Velma said that the doors are locked. Just as all hope seemed lost, Scooby hosed the scarecrows with water, and the gang found out that the scarecrows were robots. Then, three robotic scarecrows show up, and Shaggy tells Scooby to get ready for the waterworks, and that they have company. When the scarecrows retreated, Shaggy asked the gang where are they going, and Velma said that whoever's controlling them are sending them somewhere else. Fred tells the others that he has a plan, and he also said that Scooby and Shaggy will go undercover as scarecrows, replacing the two they've short-circuited. Shaggy said that does anyone else has a plan, and Fred said that they'll follow behind using the shortwave radio in the Mystery Machine to find out where the signal is coming from. Shaggy tells them to don't be shy, and just shout it out, and Daphne tells Shaggy to look at the bright side, and that he'll finally dress up for Halloween.

While at the masquerade ball, Marcy asks Curtis what is he supposed to be, and he told her that he's Hong Kong Phooey. Marcy doesn't know who it is, and he tells her that he is the number one super guy, and said that teenagers have no sense of history. Meanwhile, in the cornfields, Shaggy asked Scooby does he know where they're going, and Scooby said no. In the Mystery Machine, Velma tells Fred and Daphne that she found the signal, and that it is coming from the town hall. At the party, Scooby, Shaggy, and the Scarecrow Robots pushed a guy dressed as Sherlock Holmes, and he told them that there's no need to push, and that there's plenty of Halloween fun for everyone. Shaggy tells Scooby that he had a bad feeling about this, and a guy in a lion suit told Shaggy (who he thought was Carl) to meet them by the snack table, and that it's like he doesn't even have a brain. Aunt Meg and Uncle Evan asked the people to give it up for the hottest band in the world, KISS. Starchild tells them happy Halloween, and he also tells them to make some noise.

While Shout It Out Loud plays, the ghost of Hank Banning appears, and he told everyone that he has returned to seek revenge, and tells them to prepare for their doom. Spaceman asked Starchild on what would they do, and Starchild told him to do what they've always done, and that's to keep playing till the cops come. Meanwhile, the scarecrow robots surround the people, while Shaggy and Scooby drenched punch on one. Everyone is running away, while Shaggy and Scooby do some apple bobbing, and shoots them at the scarecrows. Meanwhile, Fred, Daphne, and Velma throw some pumpkins at the ghost, but to no avail. Shaggy is at a photo booth dressed as a werewolf, while Scooby bring two scarecrow robots to take the picture with him. After Scooby takes the picture, and shows them Shaggy photo-bombing them, they went after him. Shaggy was eating some food at the smack table, when the two scarecrow robots started to corner him, and just when all is lost for Shaggy, Scooby, dressed up as a superhero, comes and saves Shaggy from them. Fred tells the gang that the ghost of Hank Banning was merely a projection, and Daphne also tells them that whoever's behind this must be inside the projector booth. Fred says that there's no one there, and Daphne tells them who would go to such lengths just to upstage Halloween.

Velma tells them that she know who's behind this, and to follow her. Velma also said that if her hunch is right, it was Marcy. Daphne tells them that she knew it, and that anyone who wears that much eye shadow is bad news. Uncle Evan asked Marcy why would she do something like this, and Aunt Meg tells her that she's a corn princess, for goodness sake. Marcy asked them do they have any idea what today is, and Aunt Meg tells her that it's Halloween, and Marcy tells her that it's also her birthday, and she also tells Aunt Meg how do she like it if her birthday was completely overshadowed every year of her life. Velma tells the gang that when Daphne asked who would wanna upstage Halloween, she realized it had to be Marcy, whose birthday gets upstaged every year. Velma also tells them that that's when she remembered the video of her at the mall, and Daphne told her that she knew it wasn't her, and Velma told her that it was Marcy, but she remembered seeing the glove they found at the water tower in the background of the footage. Marcy tells them that she just wanted to scare everyone and ruin Halloween, so she wouldn't ever have to play second fiddle to it again. Velma tells the gang that Marcy learned how to build the scarecrows and remote control in her electric engineering class at school. She also tells them that Marcy used them to create the patterns in the fields, foretelling the return of Hank Banning like the legend predicted. Aunt Meg tells Marcy that it's their fault, and that she can't believe they let a holiday come before Marcy's birthday. The sheriff tells them that seeing nobody got hurt (and nothing Marcy did was technically illegal), they can arrange for Marcy to make up for it with community service. When Shaggy sees KISS, he shows his tattooed forehead to them before one of the members give Shaggy a thumbs up. Starchild tells Marcy that she hope that she learned her lesson from all of this, and that he knows he has, and he wants to know who does he talk to about getting paid. Marcy tells Fred that she'll be out in 300 hours, before winking at him.

Daphne tells Fred that this was the best Halloween ever, and Shaggy reminds them that it's still Halloween night, and that they have time to go trick-or-treating. When they return, Scooby is dressed up as Shaggy, while Shaggy is dressed up as Scooby, and that Shaggy had no idea he was so handsome, and the gang all laugh. While in the Mystery Machine heading home, Shaggy tells Scooby that he can't eat one more piece of candy, and Scooby tells him that he can't either, but they both eat it anyway. Fred tells the gang that this sure was a memorable Halloween, and when they see Marcy, Daphne tells her to see you next year. She asked them does they think that orange is really her color, and Velma told her that Marcy always had a wild imagination, and she also said, "A guy whose been dead a hundred years coming back to seek his revenge? As if anyone believe such a silly story," and the gang laugh. Scooby looks at the black cat laughing evilly, before his eyes turned red and disappears. Scooby says, "Scooby-Dooby-Doo!" in confusion to end the special.


Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:





Suspect Motive/reason
Agnes She said the crop symbols foretelling the return of the Ghost of Hank Banning who wanted revenge.
She has cutting tools in her home.
Eldon Reed He was buying up property, and the crop damage was done to the last independent farmers in the area.
Marcy Daphne suspects her but only out of jealousy.
Mayor Green The legend of Hank Banning brought many tourists to the town.
Curtis Strange manner.


Culprit Motive/reason
Marcy built the scarecrow robots and the Ghost of Hank Banning hologram She was born on Halloween and resents the holiday because her birthday gets completely overshadowed every year by it. She wanted to scare everyone and ruin Halloween so she wouldn't have to play second fiddle to it again.


Frank Welker Scooby-Doo
Fred Jones
Ghost of Hank Banning
Casey Kasem Shaggy Rogers
Grey DeLisle Daphne Blake
Mindy Cohn Velma Dinkley
Diedrich Bader Uncle Evan
Julia Sweeney Aunt Meg
Stacy Keach Mayor Green
Tom Kenny Curtis
Gene Simmons
Fair-haired boy
Jenny McCarthy Marcy
Daran Norris Eldon Reed
Cowardly Lion
Rhea Perlman Agnes
Paul Stanley Himself


Song Credits Performed by Character performance by
"Shout It Out Loud" Written by Robert Alan Ezrin, Gene Simmons, and Paul Stanley Performed by KISS KISS


Cultural references

  • Curtis dresses up as Hong Kong Phooey, another Hanna-Barbera animated anthropomorphic dog who fights crime. He was also on Scooby's Scooby Doobies team in the TV series Laff-a-Lympics.
  • Eldon Reed and another guy are dressed as John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, respectively.
  • There's a The Wizard of Oz (1939 film) reference as a person costumed as the Cowardly Lion tells Shaggy (in disguise as one of the scarecrows), "Carl, I thought we told you to meet us by the snack table. Honestly, sometimes it's like you don't even have a brain." In the background, are the Tin Man and Dorothy.
    • Scooby and Shaggy disguising as robot scarecrows and marching in line with them may be a further reference to the film.
  • When they are in scarecrow disguise, Shaggy says to Scooby "I've got a bad feeling about this." This is a Star Wars catchphrase which has become ubiquitous in popular culture, and crops up in the Scoobyverse from time to time.
  • During the chase sequence, Scooby-Doo dresses in a Superman costume.


Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities

  • In a previous episode, Fred could not drive stick-shift, yet in this episode, the Mystery Machine (which Fred can drive quite well) is depicted as standard transmission. Instead, Shaggy is the one who has trouble with it.
  • At the party, Shaggy and Scooby came in wearing robot scarecrow costumes. During the song, they no longer have the pumpkin masks and they are getting into the music (ignoring the dangerous robots in the room). A few seconds later, they are in normal clothing and the scarecrow overalls have disappeared as well.
  • The direct-to-video film Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery, KISS' next appearance, it doesn't outright contradict this episode, but it does bring up hard to miss conflicts.
    • The real-world identities and realistic designs (i.e. Paul Stanley's hairy chest) in this episode are dropped in favour of highlighting the alter egos of KISS; they're reinvented as glam rock superheroes from an alternate dimension, and they only go by their nicknames. It's ever so slightly possible that the film just expands on what wasn't known in this episode.
    • Daphne has a major crush on Paul Stanley, but doesn't give any opinion whatsoever in this episode.
    • Shaggy (and to a lesser extent Scooby) is a big KISS fan in this episode, but doesn't seem to care either way in the film.
  • Despite what many said, a few people did in fact get hurt.
  • In some ways, even a little bizarre, Marcie was perfectly right to have acted the way she did because her birthday was overshadowed and ignored even by her parents.

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
French L'Halloween de la prophétie The Halloween of Prophecy

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Fred: I bet someone's behind all this. But who?
Fred, Velma & Daphne: Hmmm.
Daphne: Marcy!
Fred: What? Why would you suspect her? She's... she's so innocent.
Velma: And my cousin.
Daphne: Oh, I don't know. Call it "women's intuition".

Paul Stanley: (Hyping up the crowd) Happy Halloween, er...
Gene Simmons: (Whispers) Banning Junction.
Paul Stanley: Banning Junction. Let's make some noise! (Plays "Shout It Out Loud")

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