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The two henchmen were personal members in A. Fong's international smuggling ring headquartered at the Temple in the Hills in Chinatown. To keep people away they dressed as the zombie followers of A. Fong's disguise, Ghost of Zen Tuo.

Physical appearance

One has black hair with a large chin and appears to be physically fit, while the other has brown hair with a thinner chin and appears skinnier. Both are dressed in dark robes as part of their disguises.


The duo are very adamant about obeying their boss, A. Fong (The Ghost of Zen Tuo) and retrieving a golden mask for him. Responding to Zen Tuo, "We hear and obey," they'd stop at nothing to get the mask in their possession, even if they put the lives of the gang at risk.


Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

Season two

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