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A.J. Dobbs was the station attorney at QTTT.

Physical appearance

Dobbs is an overweight and middle-aged Caucasian male. While bald on top of his head, his remaining hair is gray, and he wears thick-framed glasses. He wears a light blue shirt, with a red tie, underneath a black suit coat, black pants, and black shoes.


In his role as a lawyer, AJ Dobbs is matter of fact and to the point.  However, once revealed as the "Pie Boy" he is quite emotional about his resentment as always being seen in the show's opening getting a pie in the face.  This resentment motivated hm to get a job in the TV station and unleash his plan.

A.J. Dobbs unmasked

A.J. Dobbs unmasked


Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?

Season one

He didn't want the TV station to be declared a historical landmark, so he blocked the contractor's application that would allow it.

According to Velma Dinkley, Dobbs was the pie boy in the opening credits of The Pazzo the Clown Show. As a result of his experience on the show, he sought revenge and wanted to erase it forever. After he attended law school, he got a job as the station's lawyer. He then began exploiting the urban legend within the studio. This was in the hopes that the station could be sabotaged from inside and that QTTT would be shut down. He also wanted all tapes of The Pazzo the Clown Show to be destroyed. 


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