14-Karat is one of the Secret Six puppies owned by Mr. B.

Physical appearance

14-Karat is a Golden Retriever with golden-brown fur. He wears an orange collar with diamond-shaped tog tag. While on Mr. B's Farm, he had a yellow, circular dog tag with the number 1 on it.


14-Karat is rather impulsive; this was shown when he opted to attack the Gold Monster directly, which resulted in him being turned into a gold statue until the monster was caught. It turned out that he was fine because the "gold" that covered him was actually Shutdown Goo that peeled right off.[3]


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

He was stolen by the Cat Creature's hired thugs at the International Dog Show. But, thanks to Scooby-Doo, all six puppies were saved and returned to their mother.[1]

Season three

Mr. B used the money the puppies won in the dog show to buy a farm. But the attacks of the Demon Farmer got the attention of an activist who was trying to get them away from the farm for their safety.[2]

He apparently turned to gold when he attacked the Gold Monster. But, when the monster was caught, it was revealed to be Shutdown Goo, which peeled right off.[3]



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