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Pour Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy et leur chien Scooby Doo, les mystères ne finissent pas. Even on vacation, they can't help but run into their share of mysteries. Ever the budding detectives, the gang runs into several new mysteries that are just waiting to be solved by them.

Characters in the gameModifier

  • Fred (non-playable) - The leader of the group. This blonde actually has a brain between his ears. He helps devise the traps that catch the villains. When he says, "There are clues still around", that means there is a clue in the area.
  • Daphne (non-playable) - This amiable redhead gives Shaggy and Scooby Scooby snacks!
  • Velma (non-playable) - This intelligent, up-and-coming mystery solver helps Shaggy and Scooby sort out the items they find. Using clues that the duo find, she helps shed some light on the mystery.
  • Shaggy (playable) - The easy-going, laid-back toadie loves eating and has a special affinity for huge sandwiches. He tries to help the gang solve mysteries whenever he can, but he's often too chicken to be of any help.
  • Scooby (playable) - Shaggy's best friend is smarter than the average dog. Using his super-sniffer, he helps Shaggy root out clues. Just like his friend Shaggy, he loves eating and is a noted coward.


In Scooby-Doo Mystery, you take control of the spaced-out Shaggy and his best friend, the lovable dog Scooby-Doo. You help Shaggy assist Freddy and company in solving mysteries. By exploring areas and through the use of Scooby's super sense of smell, you find and sniff out clues that will help the gang solve the mystery.

Of course, the problem is that Shaggy and Scooby are easily scared. If you get close to enemies or get ambushed by any of the creepy monsters in the area, Shaggy and Scooby's fright meter starts to fill. Once it's completely filled, Shaggy and Scooby will totally chicken out and they'll lose one of their lives. Eating a Scooby snack will deplete the fright meter a little bit, but you have to find snacks or get them from Daphne, who gives one to you sometimes.

Mysteries (stages with ghost's)Modifier

Bonus GamesModifier

Mmm SandwichesModifier

In this bonus game, the object is to make the largest sandwich. Shaggy will raid the fridge and toss out random sandwich ingredients. Scooby holds two plates for two sandwiches and must use them to catch the ingredient that Shaggy throws from the background.

You have play as Scooby so that the ingredients land on the plates. You get points for each ingredient that you catch and keep on the plates. You must be careful though, as whenever you move, the pile of sandwich ingredients on each plate begins to topple. The faster you move, the more likely it is that you. If the sandwich ingredients fall off the plate, you lose all the points you gained from catching them.

In addition, you must keep the number of ingredients on the plate relatively equal. Otherwise, one of Scooby's arms sags lower than the other and stands a greater chance of dropping the ingredients.

Whack A MonsterModifier

Y'know those whack-a-gator or whack-a-mole things you see in the arcades? This is just like that. you play as Shaggy, must use his hammer to whack monsters that pop out of vases. He must be careful not to hit his friends though.

There are also several powerups that pop up from the vases from time to time. There's the speed up powerup, which increases the speed at which you can hit monsters. Then there's the freeze time and extra time powerups, which are self explanatory.

  • Quick tip: You can actually PAUSE the game while in a bonus stage. Use this to you advantage, especially in Whack A Monster, so you can see what's poping up where to know which direction to press your control pad in.


  • Some people in the game are named after some of the desingers. All the villains for example: are named after designers. Mickey Mindang is named after Jaid Mindang, J.D. Morgan is named after Andrew Mindang, Captain Porter is named after lead programmer Matt Porter and Dean Drabwell is named after Nina-Simeone and Darren Drabwell. Bradshaw Manor was named after Lynsey Bradshaw.
  • Count Bagosi in Mystery 4 is clearly named after horror movie icon Bela Lugosi, who played the definitive Dracula on the big screen in the earlier days of the genre.
  • Daphne's outfit in the game is colored wrong. It's supposed to be her signature purple, but instead, it's a red brown. Possibly due to palette limitations.

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